Kimia Penton Talks Upcoming Album, and the Release of New Single, "Change"

Kimia Penton is a singer-songwriter and violinist with a gift for storytelling. Her musical sound is anything but ordinary. Her creatively crafted songs lay at an intersection of alternative rock, pop and Americana. Perhaps her rich cultural heritage and upbringing contribute to the singer's unique sound.  She's middle eastern, but Kimia was raised in London, England and is now based in Dallas, Texas. 

Entitled, Change, Penton's new single takes listeners on a heartfelt melodic journey with her combination of honest lyrical content and soothing vocals. "I combine music with psychology to help us all explore life themes and bring issues to light." she explained. The song touches on compromise and the need for both people to put in the work to make a relationship work. 

Her influences include the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, Sade and Norah Jones. Kimia's songs express her love for different cultures and genres of music as well as her passion for observing and studying human behavior.  Her new single exudes an acoustic allure that is a joy to listen to against her soft yet soulful vocals.

She uses her talent to create music for herself and others. "I write and produce my own music under my own independent label and write for other artists," she explained. "I'm blessed to work with some of the best musicians in Dallas and Denton, Texas."

"You want to take a risk, to let you in, to begin again... but I've been here before, and I need so much more..."

You will have to wait until Spring 2022 for Kimia Penton's new album,  but Change, which is the first single off the album,  will be released next Friday, September 17th. 


Instagram: @kimiapmusic


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