@MS.REALESTATE Is Sharing Her Wealth of Business and Wealth Building Knowledge For the Culture

For as long as Champagne can remember,  real estate and  entrepreneurship have been her dream.  Since childhood, she's imagined a better life for herself. After putting the pieces in place to make that happen for her, she has set a new goal. She launcher her own brand, @MS.REALESTATE 🏠💕🔌, and she is determined to teach as many black people as possible, how to build generational wealth via real-estate investment  and other hustles. 

Last year, Champagne closed on her first property, and she has been a newbie landlord / entrepreneur since! "For around 2 years, I've been studying the BEST BUSINESS coaches, executing information & SEEING RESULTS," she explained.
Analyzing and synthesizing the game, she put together some useful education and resources that she wants to share "for the culture." 

The young boss just dropped her first class on building business credit. "I've consolidated all the information I've absorbed over +5 years into clear, concise & project-managed actions that can be taken  to boost the economic standing of the people."

What stemmed your interest in entrepreneurship and investing?
I always loved looking at houses growing up, & imagined myself in them. Big kitchens, pools & backyards are all things I wanted as a kid. 
In high-school, I transferred from a middle class district  to a rich district. Suddenly, I was suddenly exposed to ultra-wealth (students driving Audi’s, visiting friends that lived in mansions, etc.) and I WANTED IN ON THAT LIFESTYLE! 

Real Estate Investing was always the planned entrepreneurial route  to get there. 
What is the key to building generational wealth? 
Own cash flowing assets (real estate, car fleet, vending machine, ANYTHING THAT MAKES MONEY AUTONOMOUSLY) & passing those assets down your generation. 
Where are you from? 
Who do you think needs financial education the most right now? 
Black people!
How has COVID impacted your business? 
COVID has put rental flow at risk. But, I've learned to add experts to my team (Property Manager) that are knowledgeable of the state laws & financial resources available to tenants. 
What is your favorite quote? Why?
Don't have one :(