Film Review: New Comedic Web Series, 'Lunch Room'

This past week, I discovered a fast-moving, witty comedy that centers around the ins and outs of employees at a low-end supermarket called "OzSupermart." Aptly titled, Lunch Room, most of the series involves interactions that occur in the supermarket staff's lunchroom.  The web series reminds viewers not to take things too seriously. 

The series follows the antics of staffers just trying to get through each day together. There are some really funny moments, and I love that the cast is so diverse. Many people can relate to that time in your teens or early 20s where you're working a dead-end, low wage job.

The web series was created and directed in Australia by Mark Nunnarri and Martin Ponferrada. The actors' timing is on point and they seem quite comfortable with each other which makes for some really good, humorous content. A really great example of this excellent cast chemistry can be seen in Episode 6, where Dennis, played by Dennis Chombe jokingly makes another co-worker feel uncomfortable as they get into a conversation about race. It's hilarious because the situation is so real and exposes how awkward things can get when people talk about color or ethnicity.

Interestingly, Lunch Room is set in black and white, a departure from the norm, but makes the visuals interesting. Notably, although there isn't much color, the colorful jokes and vivid storylines make the series a good watch.

Take a look at the trailer below:

There are 15 episodes in the series, and each is about 6 or 7 minutes long and tackle different topics. This a great option for a quick laugh during a short break or on your lunch hour, but once I started watching, I wasn't able to stop. It's engaging and entertaining.

This is a series you don't wanna miss!


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