SInger-Songwriter, Alex Genadinik Makes Nature Come to Life in New Song, 'Guardians of Souls'

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.  In most places, you can usually feel a gentle coolness in the air or catch a breeze that takes with it some golden brown leaves. The beautiful changing of the foliage can best be appreciated at sunset when the sky fills with burnt orange hues. I remember riding through rolling hills of the Appalachian trail listening to folksy, light rock music playing in the background. It was such a joyous time. I recently listened to the latest release by singer-songwriter, Alex Genadinik, and the song returned me to those nostalgic moments. 

Entitled Guardians of Souls, its a laid-back, acoustic guitar filled tune about the effect great poets, musicians, and artists have on our lives. Genadinik explains, "this is a meaningful song sharing an experience that many of us can identify with. Sometimes when we are down throughout a day or a period of our lives, music comes and lifts us. This is what this song is about.

"I was flying through skies, drunk on music lullabies. Poets fill the skies with magic butterflies..."

In writing this song, he really met the mark with his profound and magical lyrical content. "Just as poets have done for us, I did my best to have good song lyrics in this song", he explained. Genadinik said, "in writing this uplifting song, my goal was to make it one of those songs that make you think about life."

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