ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: SAVARRE’s Beautiful Single, ‘Art of the Bleed’

In their song, Art of the Bleed, avant-garde rock band SAVARRE beautifully tells an introspective musical story that is intricate, mysterious, and highly lyrical. The musical outfit is led by Shannon Denise Evans, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist. Her voice is incredible. As she sings, you audibly connect with the authenticity and vulnerability of her vocal performance.

Her amazing range, crystal clear vocals, and soulful-meets-country sound help Shannon, who serves as the band’s front-woman, paint a vivid story through her words and emotions. SAVARRE feels like a cross between Adele and Carrie Underwood.

"Feel the fire run through your blood..." 

Art of the Bleed was released under XIII Records; Additionally, the single is filled with honest, poetic, and vivid lyrics. Evans has a knack for storytelling. “Between what we’re taught we are and who we’re told we need to be, we lose ourselves. At some point, we hear the cry of our frozen heart and with pickaxe in hand, start the climb to set it free”, Evans explained. “Along the way, we will mourn our lost self, experience the die-off of what we thought we knew, then feel the birth of who we actually are.”