Singer-Songwriter, Alex Genadink Releases Beautiful New Song inspired by Ludwig Von Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Last week, singer-songwriter, Alex Genadinik released a spirited new song inspired by Ludwig Von Beethoven's 5th Symphony. The tune, which uses elements of folk and rock, is full of meaningful and complex lyrics. Alex explained that song was a labor of love, "it took me a few months to write and perfect." And perfect it he did. The guitar chords give the song a rousing, emotional feel. The chorus sonically and lyrically draws you in. It was beautifully written and composed; he sings, "what if I become the one who didn't feel my strength, didn't sing my song, and didn't inspire."

The story of the song follows the protagonist who is caught between his own courage, self-doubt, and is driven to near-madness with fear of accomplishing nothing. Genadinik believes listeners will connect with the track because "everyone has had that inner dialogue with themselves and wondered what if their life amounts to nothing. It's like looking at the abyss of your future where right now there are no answers."

You can check it out here: or watch it below...

Alex Genadinik is known for his ability to make old, classic music anew. On his website, he discusses how he took this classical piece and wrote his own song that further extends this metaphor and uses Beethoven’s old motif in the new song’s melody and lyrics.

Besides making great music,  Alex Genadinik helps entrepreneurs  plan, start, and grow their businesses through his apps, books, courses, and 1-on-1 coaching. His e-learning courses are also available for others to buy, license, white label. 

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