Singer-Songwriter, Riku Releases Compelling New Single About Self Acceptance, 'Rin Pun'

Recently, social media giants have come under fire for the harmful effects that these apps and sites have on teens and young adults. Mental health is a hot topic right now, and one of my newest music finds this week is a riveting, thought-provoking song by Japanese recording artist Riku.

Titled Rin Pun, the song tells the story of acceptance, esteem, and perception. The word ‘Rin-Pun’ means powder from the butterfly’s wing. And in the track, Riku sings about a woman who feels ugly and desires to be beautiful like a butterfly. The pain associated with her low self-esteem is expressed in the track and the desperate steps she takes to obtain beauty - spending countless hours putting on extensive make-up and wearing gaudy clothes to hide her insecurities. Thus, creating a perfect recipe for mental health issues.

Rin Pun has a classic alternative rock sound that beautifully captures Riku’s voice’s raw emotions, vulnerability, and urgency. The electric guitar and percussive elements are off the charts, leaving the listeners feeling chills when hearing this track.

Before going solo, Riku served as the lead vocalist for famous bands, including HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin, and Chariots. Influenced by his stage name, meaning insanity and unite, Riku has a versatile and unique style. His music doesn’t shay away from bold and real topics. In his music, he aspires to engage a new demographic and cause listeners to think about modern-day issues that affect our mental well-being.

Rin Pun is available on major streaming platforms now.