Dezvelkito Takes Us on a Lovers Rock “Hiri” with the Release of New Single, “U Make Me Wanna Cry”

Even when it's cold outside, a reggae tune will warm your heartstrings and bring joy to your ears. Throw in some extra soulful vocals, and you have a winner. Last night, wrapped in a blanket with camomile tea, I previewed the new single by Dezvelkito, a peaceful indie singer-songwriter who has a knack for soul, blues, r&b, and island music. Entitled U Make Me Wanna Cry, this new reggae jam sonically smoothes over the agony of betrayal. The song expresses the pain of a man losing his fiancé to another lover without having any foreseen difficulty in the relationship. took him by surprise.

The single takes listeners on the scorned singer's side of a lovers quarrel as we listen to Dezvelkito give a melancholy, heartfelt soliloquy. He really brings the lyrics home when he sings, "tell me why do I feel like this when all I do is love you." The classic reggae vibes are composed of nice syncopated guitar accents on the offbeat and a free flowing melody; this tune gives off a sugary, sexy, island energy that feels live and organic.

"I can't believe, you lied to me.... Where is the love and the joy and the promises?"

Despite the heaviness of the lyrics and the overall message---that men hurt too, U Make Me Wanna Cry maintains a light, upbeat energy. The singer creates music to "promote love, health and greater understanding among all humanity," he explained.

The singer has incredible control over his chops. You can hear the turmoil and confusion even in Dezvelkito’s laid-back, vocal delivery. Those raw emotions of how is heart is in limbo translate to the listener.

This is a song you must hear. U Make Me Wanna Cry is available now on Spotify and other streaming platforms.







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