ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Chris Padin Dazzles Listeners with New Single, 'Losing My Mind' Ft. Georgia Rose

Chris Padin is a thriving DJ and producer from New York City. He has been dazzling audiences with his innovative EDM sounds and unique ear for cutting edge music. He recently dropped a new dance song entitled Losing My Mind which features the beautiful Georgia Rose from Bravo's hit television series, "Below Deck".

The track has that electrifying pulse of percussive energy so iconic of good dance music. It starts with a "house" feel and the song slow builds to an explosion of sonic sensations. You can listen to Losing My Mind below...

On the track, you hear Rose singing on the chorus,"losing my mind over you" as the rhythmic intensity hits the roof. 

"I can't get you out of my mind. I think you're of another kind."

His previous releases, Hold Me Closer and Alpha, have reached over half a million streams, confirming he's the real deal when it comes to music for the dance floor.  After hearing Padin's single, you'll definitely wanna add some of his music to your EDM playlist. 










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