FILM REVIEW: Dex Franco Hits His Mark with 'His Voice'

So, I just checked out a really funny short-film yesterday entitled His Voice.  Its a hilarious docu-spoof about a quirky middle aged gay guy who is filming a documentary about his DL boyfriend's coming out story. Think Kevin Hart's Real Husbands of Hollywood meets The Office. The short was written by Dex Franco and produced by Scott Lewallen.

We watch as Christian Jimenez (played by Dex Franco) visually documents his boyfriend's planned coming out during the Academy Awards, but Instead of his boyfriend coming out, Christian is caught in 4K as the documentary's camera is already on hand. But what the camera catches provides some good comic relief as things don't come out as planned.  

It's a short film roughly 20 minutes long, but it provides more than enough witty moments. Franco's acting is a standout as he somehow manages to keep a straight face despite all the film's sarcasm and humor.  And even as reality and sadness sets in for his character, he does as believable a job making this uncomfortable situation really entertaining to watch as a viewer. 

You can check out His Voice on YouTube or watch below...

One of the funniest parts of the LGBTQ themed short is how his partner's voice and image are distorted to preserve his celebrity image. Another awkwardly funny interaction occurs between Christian and his mom as he chats with her on his own shortly after realizing he's been stood up. But there's also a very real element to this story of the closeted gay guy who refuses to be seen out in public with the person he claims he intends to spend his life with.  The whole story feels very real. But many have been there, and so it's just easier to laugh out loud at this uncomfortable moment.