Alex Genadinik is 'Kissed by a Song'

A couple weeks ago, singer-songwriter,  Alex Genadinik released a new song. With his guitar and his warming vocals, Genadinik does a splendid job of delivering a great song entitled, Kissed by a Song.  The melodic, easy-going tune is family friendly. While technically, a ballad, he's singing his heart out to a song. On the track he sings, "oh song, oh song. Come back to me where you belong." 

Kissed by a Song is available on YouTube. Genadinik has an extensive music catalog of original and arranged songs. What I love is how he's able to find poetic notes, express them genuinely, and make simple musical harmonies. He truly is touched by a song. Listen to it below...

Alex, Whats this song about?

Did you ever have your mind drift away while listening to a song? And then when you came back, it felt almost like waking up or opening your eyes after a kiss. This is what this song is about.

Describe what that feels like to you.

It's to the song that feels like love and like a kiss.

In addition to singing and songwriting,  Alex Genadinik is also into eLearning. Genadinik helps entrepreneurs plan, start, and grow their businesses through his apps, books, courses, and 1-on-1 coaching. He's you go to guy if you want to buy online courses to resell.

Here is a list of Alex's PLR courses


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