ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Graffiti in a Box -- MadBomr Subscription Packs

If you're a graffiti enthusiast like me, then you'll love this week's spotlight, MadBomr. It's a subscription box service that provides graffiti and street artists the option to try new products and get a great value at a low price.  The creative startup delivers monthly boxes to their subscribers. "In addition to the great items, we send our subscribers monthly trade stickers and provide them with an art interaction challenge," a company rep told us.

Along with engaging subscribers creatively, it offers street art enthusiasts the opportunity to support graffiti arts. For about $25 a month, MadBomr subscribers will receive a curated box with four to six full-sized graffiti/street art items delivered to their door monthly. Items shipped include markers, paint pens, mops, eggshell stickers, caps, scribers, dvd's, mini's and other dope swag for the street-art loving culture. Sometimes, the packs even include exclusive or limited edition items.

Along with giving you the chance to have street art shipped to your door, you are supporting the art form, and we f*ck with that heavy.

You can check out MadBomr's website and social media-- the links are below:


Facebook: MadBomr Subscription Pack

Instagram: @madbomr

Twitter: @madbomr 


  1. Love this loot box, fundamental to any graffiti writer or just an art enthusiest. Girl who runs madbomr is incredibly cool


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