Kode Street Drops New Rap Single, 'Mike Brokaw'

Kode Street is a Baltimore native with a rugged edge and real experiences to rhyme about. Lucky for us, music is the vehicle by which he expresses himself. He recently dropped a new single entitled, Mike Brokaw, and its hip hop ear candy. It's out now and available on major streaming platforms.

Take a listen: https://kodestreet.hearnow.com/mike-brokaw

A true go-getter and hustler, he writes rap lyrics that draw from his experiences. Kode Street combines various unique sounds with his intricate wordplay and often dabbles in various contrasting flows resulting in Hip hop centered fusions that are still firmly stitched together by emotive undertones.

This all culminates in Kode Street producing an enjoyable, and easygoing musical experience that is authentic and grounded in reality. His overarching ambition is to empower people through his gift and to be remembered as an icon. He is driven by the desire to share emotion through music and to impact lives in a positive way.


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