Editor-in-Chief - A.J. Chenault

A.J. is a frequent blogger and style icon. He is the Editor-in-Chief of URBFASH.COM. Originally from NYC, he grew up admiring the street style and essence of urban fashion. 
You can reach him at ajchenault@gmail.com

                               EDITORIAL TEAM

NYC Fashion- Anrdrita Renee
Andrita a twentysomething creative woman in a serious (albeit new) relationship with the city of New York.  Culture, fashion, style and music have always served as the greatest influences in my life and my aspirations have always reflected such.  I look forward to sharing these gifts with the world.
You can reach her at andritarenee@gmail.com

NYC-Fashion-Sage Edgerson
19 year old, AMTX (Apparel Merchandising &Textiles) Student! Future Fashion Buyer/Stylist/Model/Blogger in the making. I believe Fashion and style may be internal but Street Style is FOREVER! Be inspired, dare to be different, then you will be Destined For Greatness! 

You can reach her at sage.edgerson@gmail.com

NOLA Fashion- Aimee Karstens
Aimee is a Chicago native, but calls Boulder, CO and New Orleans, LA home as well. Her style embodies her romantic yet edgy free spirit. It evolves constantly from her artistic knack for reviving old pieces and constantly taking inspiration from the the people and places she encounters.

You can reach her at  aimee.karstens@gmail.com

NOLA Fashion-Dana Nguyen
A New Orleanian local and lover, studying marketing and philosophy at Tulane University. I am today’s very own Miniver Cheevy, whose great passions are classic film and fashion! I enjoy reading biographies about characters from the ‘40’s-‘70’s and pretending to be such characters with clothes and accessories.

You can reach her at dananguyen620@gmail.com

NOLA Fashion-Triste Cosse
As a native of Davant, Louisiana, but a true New Orleanian at heart I exude fashion. I am an "Andy Warhol" obsessed fashion junkie with an unusual sense of style. I know that you don't have to fit in to be fashion forward. Clothing is the essence of you; therefore dare to be different even if no one else will.
You can reach her at tristecosse@gmail.com


ATL Fashion - Jarvis Jacoway

As a native of Georgia, I found beauty in everything at an early age. I’m in love with writing, music, and blogging. I am an aspiring wardrobe stylist/designer, with an insatiable thirst for fashion and its evolution. On my way to the top, fashion is my paramour.
You can reach him at jarvis189@gmail.com

             ATL Fashion - J.J. Baker
An avid traveler, she has lived in and traveled to almost a dozen countries and from traveling she has gained a passion for photography and fashion. "Because I'm a 'citizen of the world', I love to mix the different styles from all the places I've been to and make them into something that is me.She is drawn to all things related to arts and entertainment - fashion, film, photography, music, and blogging.
                  You can reach her at jjrbaker@gmail.com

Fashion Columnists:

Cynthia St. John - "Best of Atlanta: A Photo Review"

Photographer, artist, fashion and music lover. I love to follow trends while adding a dash of my own flavor ... “something old, something new, something you” is my motto. Don’t TRY to be different, DARE to be YOU. I’m currently attending Emory for Digital Photography and Georgia State University for film/video ... more to come ...
You can reach her at cynstjohn@gmail.com