Should Men Wear Spanx?

Spanx for Men, Cotton Compression Deep V-Neck
This morning I was watching Good Morning America and they had a segment on body shapers for teens. This was a controversial debate but I must admit I was swayed by the arguments in favor of the form fitting device.  But that got me thinking.... If they're good for moms, and teen girls, why not for men?

I mean, I'm the first to admit that I enjoy my fair share of hamburgers, pizza, and other late night snacks. And working late at the office, I never seem to find time to get to those sit-ups. So, as I squeezed into my skinny jeans this morning and watched my muffin top and love handles poke through my tight v-neck tee, I thought--perhaps I too could get some spanx.

So, I ask you... Should men wear spanx? Certainly they can.... But should they?

Spanx by  Sara Blankley has a whole line of body shapewear for men called "manx"...

Look at the Before & After pictures of a man with a gut who wears "Manx"

This "compressionwear".. yea... that sounds more manly.... firms the chest and gives you the appearance of a narrower wasitline. The guy in the "after" picture is wearing a cotton control crew-- a $58 white t-shirt that is supposed to give you a "body-skimming fit for a pulled together feeling," according to

I'll test this stuff out and update this post...


  1. I think you did such a wonderful job on this collection, they all look so Handsome!!


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