Jessie J’s Funky Cop Outfit: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Jessie J has never been afraid to wear her funk fashions. But some folks have been blogging needlessly about her "outfit" for last Sunday night’s T4 Stars of 2011 concert in Earls Court in London, England.

The British singer didn’t disappoint when it came to showing up in an outlandish ensemble!

She kept it traditional with the classic cop hat, but that’s where Ms. J drew the line at tradition. She added her own flair by wearing a “Hey, Dude!” crop top, black short shorts, garters and some heavy duty Doc Martens.

Personally, I think she looks dope... I've been appreciating her unique fashion sense since for about a year now. My favorite outfit was when she dressed up as a puppet for her "Price Tag" music video (pictured below)...

But I also get that not everyone is a fan of her looks. So, what say ye? Do you like her funky cop outfit?


  1. its cute. but a little over the top!


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