THEOPHILUS LONDON the Shoe Designer?

Yesterday, the rapper and stylish Theophilus London was featured in the New York Press. He chatted about his style and fashion business game. Here are some snippets from the article and interview:

Rapper Theophilus London was raised in Brooklyn. He grew up on Michael Jackson, a fact that is completely transparent if you ever have the pleasure of watching him dance to his own music. After posting his This Charming Mixtape, he caught the Internet's attention with his flamboyant (yet on point) style, and his aggressively chill beats. He’s since walked the tight rope of the fashion industry and the music industry. He’s been profiled in DetailsGQSPIN,InterviewPaper and many more.....

"Are you working on a new shoe design with Cole Haan or have any other fashion collabs in the works?
I’m working on some new suede shoes that are kind of like slippers. I think they’re gonna be like driving shoes for the springtime. My main focus is music right now. No question." ....

The music/fashion world recycles flavor of the weeks like fads. How have you stayed on top of your game and how do you intend to keep yourself relevant?
It’s cool man, once I saw both worlds I kind of got the picture. There’s a lot of pretentious shit to deal with, with the fashion stuff. The fashion dinners and whatnot, but they’re kind of the same world, too. Everyone is creative and directing things. It’s great to see both, but sometimes you can’t go between the worlds. I’m excited that both worlds are interested in me, but I’m just focused on the music.