Artist Spotlight: Ashley Puckett

Country singer, Ashley Puckett, born and raised just east of Pittsburgh, is shaping up to be one of the country music greats.
Tell us about your beginnings. How did you know you wanted to be in the industry?
I’ve been singing what seems all my life. I knew music would always be a huge part of me and stay for a very long time from a young age. Music was something that would make me feel good - change my mood, or always had a way of making me feel complete. Singing and songwriting for me is a huge way of expressing myself. Honestly, I tend to be better at emotion and words in song as opposed to real life situations ha ha. I realized after getting out of high school and starting my first couple jobs that I was still making a lot of time for music. That spoke to me in a way that I knew music was here to stay and it’s something that I wanted in my life forever and that had to be the path I follow.

Tell us about your style. How would you describe your music?
I would say I have a classic country vibe with a twist of modern day country. We had approached this debut album in a way that will hopefully appeal to a lot of different audiences within the country genre… There will be something there for anyone who likes classic, modern, blues, and even a touch of pop country. Personally, I’m a hopeless romantic, love song kind a gal, and you will see that through my work on this album as well as in my writing style in the future.

And your latest project? How did it come about and what can we expect to hear?
I’m very excited for 2020! There’s a lot I’ve been working on and working toward for the past couple years and the debut of my album “Never Say Never” is a HUGE milestone. It’s finally my chance to share with the world what I’ve personally had in my heart for many many years. It all started with meeting the right people at the right time and the rest was history. You’ll learn a lot about me in these thirteen tracks and that’s just the beginning of a long journey ahead.

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