Rapper Will Love Releases New Single "DDA"

  1. Rapper Will Love" is setting the pace, straight out the gate with his new single, "DDA." His energetic and crisp flow-- reminiscent of a young Jay Z or J Cole is, simply put -- just sick. Perhaps that's why he describes it in his new song as that "HIV flow."

    "Every rapper think they cold til they catch a fever," he spits.  But not only is his flow sick, the newly dropped track is stacked with dope lyrics. 

    They rappin' bout them bricks 
    But I kick em out of  them houses
    Rattin for the cheese
    A bunch of perc'd out mouses

    Love, who defines himself as a "wordsmith" is looking to redefine the stigma as he continues on his path to the top. He grew up in New Orleans, where he discovered a love for lyrical emcees such as Andre 3000 and 50 Cent. He came up hard --that led him to turn his pain into a passion -- music.

    By 2014, Will had dropped his mixtape "The Substance Prefix," which got him thousands of downloads and got him some buzz back in NOLA.

    After moving to Charleston, Love continued to show off his versatility with summer anthems like “My Side” and jumping into more introspective trains of thought with records like “Electrolyte Water.”

    "No matter what record the listener presses play on, they will notice a definitive vibe with truth and substance oozing from every bar, " stated Love.

    We asked him a few questions to really get into what drives the talented artist...

    How would you describe your style?

    My style is authentic, straight from the heart and overall excited. That feeling Kanye gave us in 06’ is the same enjoyable feeling I’m bringing back. 

    What are some of your goals besides music?

    Some of my goals is to become a intricate part of New Orleans and Charleston’s community. I would love to build a recreation center for kids and a mini sports league for all ages even adults. Sports played a big part in my life and I would love to give others the same opportunities even if they weren’t good enough to go D1 or to the NFL, or NBA. I plan on bringing a New Orleans styled restaurant to Charleston and put them onto some of our culture and cuisine. New Orleans is such a cultured and special place and can never be duplicated. It’s a place you can’t explain you have to experience and I would love to bring that feeling to Charleston.

    Where do you see your music in 3 years?

    In 3 years I’ll be one of the most successful creative curators and brands in the southeast region. From my entertainment, food and hospitality, and all events and programs I create within the community. 

    Do you think its better for an artist to be independent or with a major label?
    Honestly it’s whatever is conducive for the artist. Go with what’s aligned with your life goals. If it’s helping you to your end goal, go with it. I love my independence as an artist and I love creative control. I don’t see myself giving that authenticity up for anything in the world. The fact to be me everyday and own me is priceless. I get to do what I want, when I want, and I get to do it with LOVE.

    Will Love is ready for the next step (and we think it will be major) and refuses to sacrifice his art for anything less than what it deserves! His new single called “DDA” a lyrical slashing on all local rappers, is out now!

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