St. Geo Releases New Single Entitled “Surrounded by Angels

Up and coming rapper St. Geo just dropped a fresh new single entitled “Surrounded by Angels.” The song, which was produced by Lord Cise, refreshingly shines light on the rapper's battle with "demons" and his angelic protection. St. Geo's new track is chock full of really frank truths about his life. He's a "cautious mover" and counts his "paper til it hurts." St. Geo's talents as a rapper and lyricist are undeniable. 

You are the God. 
You were destined for this. 
This is your moment. 
This is the moment you were born for. 
You cannot turn away now. 

"Surrounded by Angels" follows the successful release of St. Geo’s album “STEAM.” With his powerful music, St. Geo brings his audience elements of unity in diversity and a sense of community-- even while on their own paths.

Listen to the single:

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