Darrell Kelly Has a Musical Message Wrapped up in 'The Coronavirus'

Singer, composer and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley is back with a new single about a new threat we now all face. His new song "The Coronavirus" is catchy and is going viral. it has already racked up more than 200K views since its release last month. 

"It's virtually impossible these days to turn to any news source, or even social media, and not hear, read and/or see something concerning the life threatening Coronavirus. It's infected not only our world but has made its way deep into the recess of everyone's psyche." Kelly explained. 

This song is more than just a soundtrack depicting the sickness that looms around us and the health hazards we face every time we take a step outside - it's a lifestyle lesson to be learned by anyone who hears it.

The message behind Darrell Kelley's music inspires others, touches hearts, feeds the souls, and influences lives for the better.