Lily Frost Drops Mesmerizing New Album Retro-Moderne

Lily Frost has released a new album entitled "Retro-Moderne."  The sound of the project gives an ode to the 1960’s with its true appreciation of good lyrics, the seductiveness of the electric bass guitar and Frost's sexy crooning vocals. The album is complete with girl group back-ups, spaghetti western guitars, live and programmed drums and Hofner bass supporting Lily’s cool yarn-spinning voice. While the musical arrangements may hint at a retro style, the audio output quality is extra crisp, and radio ready for 2020. Retro-Moderne is Lily’s best work to date.
"We are creatures of the wind,
Wild is the wind"

Frost has created 14 albums over the years. The difference now is that she has stepped up her songwriting game. She's also gone fully independent, becoming her own label. This power move allowed her to have full creative control. 

Her ears perked up when she heard the production of Gus Van Go on Whitehorse, Jill Barber and Matt Mays. Lily reached out to him to produce the best of hundreds of songs written in Nashville, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles while working as a staff writer at Aporia Publishing. Gus first fell for the song “Reckless Coraz√≥n,” then he heard “It’s The Love,” which brought him to tears. He and his team agreed to take on the album project. 

I was blown away with "Wild Is the Wind." It literally forced me into my chair and there I sat engaged in all 11 of the tracks. Lily Frost's album is a 'must listen' for any music curator.

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