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Jay Jai Stays on top of the Game with New Single "True One"

Jay Jai, has taken his childhood fantasy to a new level, dropping an emotionally vulnerable new song yesterday. 

His new single--released for Valentine's Day, "True One" accurately conveys the scorn felt when you are hurt by a "true one" .. and the chorus resounds like an echo chamber, repeating all the thoughts we should have known but only see and hear clearly when the relationship sours. The music rings like a soulful futuristic love song with gospel and alt rock vibes. 

Since he was ten, the California native has wanted to break into the music industry -- a break he first got in the 90’s as part of an R&B group doing shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Music has always been a favorite past time. Over the years, the singer has focused on production which is his passion. He researches music, always listening in an absorptive manner. For him, it’s a way of “staying on top of the game.” Other interests include travel and people watching. He finds wat…

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