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Rock Band, Sonamaris Releases New Single --"Million" from their Self-titled EP

Los Angeles based hard rock band, Sonomaris is kicking it up again with their single "Million."  The song, is a love song about a girl who with a "different kind of light" who was never the center of attention "but always caught my eye."

Group members, Flourish, Pyro, The Sun, and Trillium deliver a folksy, acoustic rock vibe with popping drums, and a sexy melody. The band's vocal harmony is impeccable.

There was not a boring second in the song. My head literally bopped for the entire 4 minutes and 54 seconds. I felt like I was listening to a live performance in a rehearsal studio. Just so laid back yet so clean and filthy good.

"Did you capture the essence that surrounded you?

Sonomaris’ self-titled EP is a tough, puissant "sonic journey" through lush, atmospheric guitars, rousing basslines, intricate drumming, and intense yet smooth vocals. Learn more about Sonomaris below:

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